Kick Ash Drip Pan-KAB-DP12

Kick Ash Drip Pan

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Drip Pan Product Description:

-The Kick Ash Basket Drip Pan will catch anything that falls to protect your grill while cooking. 

-Our reusable drip pan makes cleanup quick and easy when cooking with indirect heat.

-Drip pan has a diameter of 12” and is about 1.25” deep.

-The pan includes integrated embossed spacers to help reduce scorching.

-Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel for an easy cleanup.

-Dishwasher safe.

-Kick Ash Drip Pans are designed for use in any grills with at least 2” clearance between the cooking grate and heat deflector.

-Reduce waste by eliminating the need for a disposable drip pan.

-Product will heat tarnish with use

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