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    Ready for a new level of grilling performance? Then try our Kick Ash Basket® - the perfect accessory for your kamado-style grill!
    Our Kick Ash Basket® ensures your charcoal reaches the right temperature every time and makes clean-up time an easy-peasy task.
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    Outdoor cooking is supposed to be fun - and if you have our Kick Ash Basket® in your kamado-style grill, your BBQ time will be a no-stress experience.
    From the first light to final ash shake, our Kick Ash Basket® makes grilling a joy and clean-up a breeze!
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    Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? With our Kick Ash Basket® in place, even a kamado-style grill that's been around the grilling block a few times will perform like new-only better!
    Our Kick Ash Basket® makes charcoal easy to light and holds a consistent fire at the right temperature. Combine that with a no-muss, no-fuss clean-up, and you and your Kick Ash Basket® will make be the superstars of the backyard BBQ!
Whether you're new to the Kick Ash Basket® concept or a long-time fan of our baskets and accessories, we want you to enjoy your shopping experience. We've got everything you need to kick your grilling experience into high gear! Want to know more about our baskets? Click our Benefits tab. Have questions? Our FAQs section is where you need to stop. Ready to order your products? Our Shop tab is the one you want or go to our Retailers page for a list of U.S. and international retailers. And if you have any questions about our product line, contact us and our Kick Ash team will get right back to you! Thanks for stopping by!

Kicking Ash and Making Flames since 2014
Shake That Ash & Light That Fire!

The Kick Ash Story

Where did the idea of a Kick Ash Basket® come from? Let me tell you a little story... It was 2009 and I had made the switch from a gas grill to charcoal. Loved the flavor, but not the clean-up. And getting the fire to the right temp was a challenge.

I needed something to hold the charcoal during the cooking process and allow me to shake the ash when I was done so the grill was ready for the next time. After a few practice runs, the Kick Ash Basket® was born! (Want to know more? Click here!)

Featured Products

Adjustable Divider - Large
For use in the KAB-CJ-SS, LG-SS & OX-SS 
In Stock.
0 reviews
Kick Ash Basket Charcoal Prep Gloves
Keep your hands clean 
1 pair automatically included in your order
0 reviews
Kick Ash Grate Hook
Cooking Grid Lifter 
In Stock.
1 reviews
Large Kick Ash Basket
Fits the Large BGE, Grill Dome & Primo Kamado 
In Stock.
1 reviews
Large Kick Ash Can
Ash collection and removal solution 
In Stock.
3 reviews
X-Large Kick Ash Basket
Designed for the X-Large BGE 
In Stock.
1 reviews

The Kick Ash Basket is the #1 accessory for any lump fueled grill. It helps your airflow to help get up to temp faster & makes cleanup for the next cook way easier... especially with the addition of the Kick Ash Can!

Garry Yanke

What can I say about the kick ash basket that hasn't already been said. I have been a proud owner of not one but two kick ash baskets for the last 4 years. All I can say is I won't light that fire with out one in my eggs! And neither should you.

Mikey Kay, Man Meat BBQ

Hands down our favorite accessory for our Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe customers. Simple to use, simple to explain, and the benefits are easily enjoyed every time you fire up the grill! Thanks Kick Ash Basket!

Robert - Owner Dickson BBQ - Toronto