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Kicking Ash and Making Flames Since '14

Re-Define Your Standard of Charcoal Grilling - All of the Flavor, None of the Labor!

Welcome to Kick Ash Basket! We're here to inform and provide you with the next wave of charcoal grilling accessories all while saving you time and money. If your family is like mine, time spent together is invaluable. Barbeque means so much more to us than just the meal. It's the smell of the cook that seems to stretch across the neighborhood, the great outdoors where the air tastes sweeter, and the laughs and every other small moment along the way.


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Benefits of Using a Kick Ash Basket

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Easy Clean-up

Sift out excess ash for an easy clean-up and a better fire when you grill.

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Advanced Aeration Design

The design used in each Kick Ash Basket ensures your coals are aerated and clear of debris each time you light up to cook.

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Durability, Cook after Cook

All baskets are made with electropolished stainless steel, meaning your basket will last after heavy, repeated use.

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Consistent Temperature Control

Patented design of Kick Ash Basket gives a more consistent temperature control, giving you a quick and easy grill session every time.

See What People are Saying

  • Kickash product review image

    "Great customer service. Also I have 3 different size eggs and baskets this is my best accessory that I have and believe me I have a lot of accessory. I have recommed the Kick Ash Basket to everyone at the Egg Fest for years."


    Fombell, PA

  • Kickash product review image

    "Just recently discovered you had a basket for the Primo XL. Ordered it and used it twice this past weekend. Great design that you can still use the divider plate. True 2 zone heat. Sweet addition to that cooker. Also ordered a basket for the Joe Jr. Fits pretty darn nice in my 19" KK table top. Might just have to order one for it also. Great products. Have been making my own out of fry baskets but like yours better!!!! Thanks."

    Jon B.
  • Kickash product review image

    "I have had my egg for over a year and have bought almost everything for it, but the best investment I bought for the egg is your Kick Ash Basket. It keeps the egg clean from all the black dust from the charcoal. There is only a little bit of ash in the bottom and to just take it out and shake it and relight it in seconds is so easy and makes cooking on the Egg that much better. Your product is awesome; Love it!!"

    Chris Waldvogel
  • Kickash product review image

    "Last night I fired up the BGE and used my Kick Ash Basket and hook. I can't tell you how easy both of these tools helped me get the BGE up and running. My wife, who I adore, loves anything that comes off the BGE, but it usually takes 20-30 minutes or so to set up the egg. So, sometimes during the school week, between homework, baseball and soccer, cooking on the BGE isn't feasible due to time. "

    Stephen Martin

    Sharsburg, Georgia

  • Kickash product review image

    "You all are amazing! Thank you so much for stopping and making sure to get it right when you noticed I ordered wrong, communicating, and then anticipating when I was slow to respond. I'd buy stock if you all were public! Seriously, as a business owner myself, I just took notes. I'll be sure to leave a great review. Thanks again and I can't wait to get to grilling with all of it when it gets here."

    Horst Minx

    Beloit, Wisconsin

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