Kick Ash Beef Brisket

Kick Ash Beef Brisket

Hey Kick Ash Basket Fans, Check out this Kick Ash Process for smoking a Killer Beef Brisket on the Big Green Egg or similar.  I got this recipe from my great friend Ryan Lane at Lanes BBQ and adapted it with some other fun that I've learned from grill masters over the years. 
Enjoy and Make it a Kick Ash Day!
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Kick Ash Connections

Hey Kick Ash Basket Fans, 
Check out this story from our Friend Rob Lewis who lives on Beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State.  We met years ago, shortly after we launched our initial Kick Ash Basket for the Large Big Green Egg.  Huge Thanks to Rob for his help with some site content and for sharing this Blog Post.
Enjoy and Have a Kick Ash Day! Chad
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Kicking Off A New Thing

Hey Kick Ash Basket Fans and those who just don't realize their fan-ship yet! ??

This is the start of what we hope to be a weekly blog about Kick Ash happenings going on in our smokin' hot world. Who knows what we'll get into here with the intention to make it fun, educational, interesting, inspiring, value adding, and maybe some Kick Ash puns here and there too.
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Kicking Ash and Making Flames

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