About us

Kichash family

The Spark that Started It All

After 10 amazing years with my Weber® Genesis gas grill, I bought my Grill Dome Kamado charcoal grill in 2009. I was an instant convert to charcoal: I immediately fell in love with cooking over the hot and flavorful coals, and used my grill several times a week. However, I learned some lessons the hard way, I needed to make sure I cleared out all of the ash so the leftover charcoal could breathe.

With the help of my background in “gotta make things better,” (a.k.a. engineering), the Kick Ash Basket® was born! Which is now available for purchase from right here at KickAshBasket.com.

Why Choose Kick Ash Basket?

We’re family owned & operated and we put in the work for every minute detail on each of our products. It was a common problem that brought us here, but now it’s much more than that. We’re here to bring you the highest quality charcoal grilling experience imaginable. Most importantly, we’re just like you! We’re not interested in keeping up with the Jones’, because we know that we have all that we need in our own backyard. The good times are here to stay—it’s our job to bring ease to grilling and let you get back to them.

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Easy Clean-up

Shift out excess ash for an easy clean-up and a better fire when you grill.

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Advanced Aeration Design

The design used in each Kick Ash Basket ensures your coals are aerated and clear of debris each time you light up to cook.

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Durability, Cook after Cook

All baskets are made with electropolished stainless steel, meaning your basket will last after heavy, repeated use.

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Consistent Temperature Control

Patented design of Kick Ash Basket gives a more consistent temperature control, giving you a quick and easy grill session every time.