Kick Ash Basket Heat Resistant Gloves

Handle hot things safely
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These heat protectant gloves can be used for all kinds of heat resistant needs with protection up to 932°F! The extra Non-Slip silicone grip is super flexible for comfortable use with safety and ease. This is exactly what you expect from the Kick Ash Basket Brand!

  • Not for use with Hot Liquids or Steam.
  • Do not use if gloves are wet.
  • Gloves Do NOT provide long-term heat protection.
    • Handle HOT things quickly and safely!
  • Material: 50% Aramid Fibers (the heat resistant stuff typically used in aerospace, military & other Kick Ash applications), 40% Cotton, 10% Silicone....and we have a lot more grippy silicone on the palms for extra heat and abrasion resistance. 
  • Fit: Knitted wrist for a snug fit with a seamless double layer cotton liner. 
    • L/XL Size Only.
    • This one size fits most.
  • Rating: Handle items up to 932°F, (500°C) quickly and safely!  (see cautions above)
Shake Your Ash Responsibly ....and Safely!
Have a Kick Ash Day!

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