½ Drip Pan
½ Drip Pan

Half Drip Pan 14"

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Our brand new Kick Ash 1/2 Drip Pan is designed to catch all those flavorful juices when grilling and prevent coals from flaring up. Aside from acting as a safety measure for grill chefs and preventing food from burning, the Kick Ash 1/2 Drip Pan reserves all the flavor that seeps out of grilled meats and veggies during the grilling process. Use the collected juices as a base for gravy or stock for the most Kick Ash grilling experience imaginable!

  • The Kick Ash Basket Drip Pan catches all drippings to protect your grill while in use.
  • Catch grease and other cooking byproducts for less flare-ups and less mess.
  • Makes for a quick cleanup when cooking with indirect heat
  • Integrated embossed spacers help to reduce scorching
  • Half Circle Diameter of 14” and about 1-1/4” depth
  • Designed for use in grills with at least 2” clearance between cooking grate and heat deflector
  • Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Product will heat tarnish with use

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