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Shake That Ash and Light That Fire! 


What an awesome turnout for the Texas EggFest.  We had a Kick Ash time and had the opportunity to speak with so many great people.  Thank you BBQ Outfitters for putting together the event.


We brought back some Meat Church rubs to sell on our website.  There is a limited quantity and we are not sure whether we are going to stock this or not.  Not sure what we will bring back from the next EggFest.


Next event we are attending is the Georgia Mountain EggFest on May 20th.  However, the Kick Ash Basket will also be available for purchase at the Space City EggFest and Chef JJ's EggFest on that same weekend.


As always, receive free shipping on purchases of 2 or more Kick Ash Baskets. 


Have a Kick Ash Spring!

Chad and Tracy

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