Kick Ash Testimonials


Great customer service. Also I have 3 different size eggs and baskets this is my best accessory that I have and believe me I have a lot of accessory. I have recommed the Kick Ash Basket to everyone at the Egg Fest for years.

Fombell, PA

Just recently discovered you had a basket for the Primo XL. Ordered it and used it twice this past weekend. Great design that you can still use the divider plate. True 2 zone heat. Sweet addition to that cooker. Also ordered a basket for the Joe Jr. Fits pretty darn nice in my 19" KK table top. Might just have to order one for it also. Great products. Have been making my own out of fry baskets but like yours better!!!! Thanks.

Jon B.

"I have had my egg for over a year and have bought almost everything for it, but the best investment I bought for the egg is your Kick Ash Basket. It keeps the egg clean from all the black dust from the charcoal. There is only a little bit of ash in the bottom and to just take it out and shake it and relight it in seconds is so easy and makes cooking on the Egg that much better. Your product is awesome; Love it!!

Chris Waldvogel

"Last night I fired up the BGE and used my Kick Ash Basket and hook. I can't tell you how easy both of these tools helped me get the BGE up and running. My wife, who I adore, loves anything that comes off the BGE, but it usually takes 20-30 minutes or so to set up the egg. So, sometimes during the school week, between homework, baseball and soccer, cooking on the BGE isn't feasible due to time. Between cleaning the ash, setting up the grates, starting the lump charcoal, etc. With the Kick Ash Basket, I lifted the charcoal, shook the basket over my garden and it was clean. I then used my torch and lit the charcoal and boom, 350 in less than 10-15 minutes from start to finish. So, now when my family is craving something off the BGE it'll only take a few minutes. It'll make her job easier for when she starts cooking on the egg and I know this product has just earned the "moms stamp of approval". She's not a big gadget person, but I know she sees the benefit of this product. Do yourself a favor, pick up the Kick Ash Basket and save yourself some time! Also, the hook was amazing, going to pick up another one. I don't endorse products unless I believe in them. Go pick up a basket and a hook, you won't regret it!!"

Stephen Martin
Sharsburg, Georgia

Chad, having bought the Broil King Keg and then buying the Kick Ash Basket I knew right away I did the right thing. Your product is nothing but awesome. Keep up the good work. I brag up your product all the time. Thanks!

Horst Minx
Beloit, Wisconsin

"The Kick Ash Basket is my #1 Eggcessory indeed! It takes virtually no time to "Shake That Ash Light That Fire" every time I use the Big Green Egg. My start up time is litterly just minutes now, even for high temp cooks! Nice work, Chad!
The Kick Ash Basket KICKS MAJOR ASH!!

Dusty Hurst
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"I have been using the Kick Ash Basket for almost a year. I was surprised at how easy the KAB makes cleaning and re-lighting. It's as easy as they say: "Shake that ash and light that fire"! One additional bonus: I think I get faster light times with the basket as there is more airflow around the charcoal. Solid construction and made in the USA. Nice work KAB!"


"I love my Kick Ash Basket! It makes preparing for a cook so much easier and quicker. Just pull the basket from the cooker, give it a quick shake over a trash can (or even a flower bed, if your plants like that sort of thing). Place the basket back in the cooker, light up the used charcoal, then add some fresh on top and you are good to go. Takes under 3 minutes start to finish!"

Tommy Humphries
Jefferson, Texas

"During an overnight brisket cook my fire was being choked out by the ash build up. One quick shake from the Kick Ash Basket and I was back in the game! This basket really Kicks Ash!!"


"There are certain givens when buying and learning to use a BGE. You need a cover, you need charcoal, you need a lighter, you need practice, and on and on it goes. Or as my wife says, "over time the device is the cheap part". But one thing everyone needs is soap to clean up after starting a new fire, or the Kick Ash Basket. This device cut my start up time by 2/3, I no longer get dirty, and it improves the airflow which is very important during damp months. Whatever else you get for your egg you must have this basket!"

Martin Kimeldorf
Writer, Teacher, Barbeque Griller
Tumwater, WA

"The Kick Ash basket is the accessory I've been wishing for for years! It's a huge improvement in the ease and speed of preparing for a cook. It saves charcoal and makes the fire easier to start, too. Can't recommend it more highly!"

Rob L.
Langley, Washington

"As Toronto's Largest Big Green Egg dealer, we know a great BBQ accessory when we see one! The Kick Ash Basket is one of those "must have" accessories for the Big Green Egg. Clean-up is super quick and easy with the help of this solid, well-built gadget, and it only makes the Big Green Egg experience that much better! I strongly recommend Kick Ash Baskets to all Eggheads and with every Big Green Egg we sell!"

Dickson Barbeque Centre
Toronto, Ontario

"Being a proud owner of an XL BGE, my least favourite task is to remove the used charcoal and clean out the ash at the bottom of my smoker. You can only imagine how happy I was when I discovered that Kick Ash Basket had an accessory to take care of this...But it was not available for the XL BGE......

I contacted Chad at KAB, inquired when it would be available for the XL BGE and within a short amount of time he decided to build one to fit the XL...I What a game changer!!! All I can say is WOW...Easy to install, easy to clean and makes the clean up of the ash at the bottom of the smoker a breeze....I also noticed that the Charcoal was easier to start, kept the airflow consistant and that the XL BGE was at a maintained temperature during the cook....

I am happy to say that I was probably one of the first grillers in the Ottawa area to own the XL Kick Ash Basket and would not hesitate in recommending it to my fellow grillers.....A great product which will not disappoint!!!!"

Michael Noguera
Ottawa, Ontario

"The Kick Ash Basket is a must have item for your Kamado Grill. Quality product with perfect design that produces perfect burn and air flow. It should really be a standard item with each Kamado sold!"

Steph Legari
Ottawa, Ontario

"My Kick Ash Basket arrived just in time to use at a Mini EggFest. There were about 50 EggHeads in attendance that weekend and many of us had the opportunity to try it out. Everyone who cooked with the Kick Ash Basket commented on the ease of use and increased airflow. I've been using my Kick Ash Basket at home for over 3 weeks now, and I'm loving it! I think it's a Kick Ash EGGcessory!"


"The Kick Ash basket totally rocks! Cleaning out your Egg between cooks is essential for an optimal burn. This was a huge pain in the butt before the Kick Ash basket. Now I simply shake the basket a couple times and re-light my Egg. The Egg re-lights and is to temp in just a couple mintues. The Kick Ash basket is quickly becoming my #1 recommended Eggcessory!"

Matt Pittman
Waxahachie, TX