How to Make a Kick Ash Gift Basket Using Kick Ash Basket

One of the coolest gifts you can give a grill master this holiday season is a basket full of grill goodies. Giving a grilling gift basket is a simple, yet sophisticated, present that every griller on your list will love. Not only do grill baskets look gorgeous tied in a neat bow under the tree, but they’re also practical gifts that add heat, spice, and passion to holiday gifting.

The Best Items to Include When Making the Perfect Grilling Gift Basket

Kich ash basket

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1. Start with a Kick Ash Basket.

The Kick Ash Basket can be used as the container to hold all your other grilling gifts. Using your Kick Ash Basket as the vessel for your package is both practical and sustainable, giving the recipient something that they can (and will) use, all while reducing packaging waste.

Why will your recipient love receiving a Kick Ash Basket?

  • Easy cleanup: Not only does the basket easily hold the charcoal in the grill, but the user can just lift it and shake out the ash, making cleanup faster and allowing for a better fire when grilling.
  • Aeration design: The unique design of the basket ensures that the coals are properly aerated and clear of debris during cooking, creating a better fire and a more consistent cook.
  • Temperature control: KAB’s patented design allows for regulated temp control, which means faster and more even cooking.
  • Durability: The KAB is made from electropolished, heavy-duty stainless steel, so it will endure both the hottest heats and the test of time. Score!
  • Two-zone cooking: Simply putting a divider in the basket makes direct and indirect cooking zones easier than ever.

Learn more about the Kick Ash Basket and how it all started here.

Note: Make sure to get a Kick Ash Basket that fits their grill. Find the recipient’s grill from this list and we’ll direct you to the correct basket and accessories.

Now it’s time to fill up the Kick Ash gift basket!

2. Give Them Some Grilling Tools.

Every grilling gift basket needs at least one good tool for barbecuing. Whether that’s stainless-steel tongs, a customized spatula, a new basting brush, or a tote bag for their gear, a new tool or two can elevate their grilling game to the next level. Not sure what tools or storage they might need? Check out our guide to grill storage and accessories here.

One of our favorite grill tools to gift is a Juniper BBQ Scraper. This bristle-free grill brush quickly and easily cleans grill grates without leaving behind dangerous wire bristles that can end up in your food (and your digestive tract). It has a long handle to keep grillers safe while cleaning, and the juniper wood is more durable and lasting than other wood scrapers. Juniper is also heat-resistant, rot-resistant, durable, and bacteria neutralizing. A Juniper BBQ Scraper is the perfect gift to make the recipient’s cleanup way easier and safer.

If you’ve been good about buying your holiday gifts early, you can even get them customized grill tools or a stunning personalized wood custom tool set. Customization adds a thoughtful touch that any griller loves.

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3. Consider Charcoal or Wood Pellets.

Upgrade their grilling experience by giving them quality charcoal or wood to burn with. A lot of grillers, especially new grillers, don’t yet recognize the importance of burning quality charcoal and pellets. Gifting them a quality heat source can revolutionize the way they grill forever.

For charcoal, we recommend Natural Rockwood Charcoal. It’s a high-quality charcoal without additives or fillers, so you get the hottest, cleanest, longest-lasting burn. Check out the awesome benefits of Rockwood charcoal here.

There are a lot of different wood pellets available, and they come in different “flavors” like cherry, oak, mesquite, etc. Check out this list of the 10 best wood pellets for smoking and grilling to get started on your hunt for a cool pellet option.

4. Add a Specialty Item.

This isn’t a necessity for a good basket, but the best grilling gifts are those that are unique and special. Unless your recipient is new to grilling, they probably have a lot of the basics. Gifting a specialty item can open up their world of cooking— and your world of flavor, if they’re willing to cook for you!

Some specialty items you can think about adding to a gorgeous grilling gift basket include:

  • Himalayan salt block, which enhances the flavor of just about any dish, plus it’s long-lasting and naturally antibiotic.
  • Cedar plank, which adds a wood-smoked taste that’s particularly good with fish, chicken, and veggies. Learn how to grill with a cedar plank here.
  • Non-stick metal skewers to elevate kebab dinners and get rid of the soaking process and potential splintering of wood skewers.
  • Remote temperature thermometer to keep track of the internal grill and meat temps, so they can grill their meat to the perfect degree each and every time. We recommend the remote probe meat thermometers from Thermoworks.
  • Meat claws that help with handling, carving, and shredding meat (plus they look and feel like bear claws, which is pretty bad ash).
  • Meat tenderizer or meat hammer to flatten meat for a tender, juicy, quick-cooking bite. Say good-bye to dry, tough meat!
  • Cast iron skillet, which is a reliable, durable, non-toxic, nonstick, low-maintenance, easy-to-cook-with tool that every griller needs to keep food warm, grill with ease, and vary their portfolio of grilling recipes.
  • Pizza stone (and pizza cutter) to open up their world to at-home grilled pizza that will change their slice game forever. Check out how pizza and charcoal are a match made in heaven.

5. Throw in Some Apparel and Extras.

Still got room in your XL Kick Ash Basket? Add some cool extras that will make grilling even more fun (and stylish). One of our favorite grilling gift ideas, especially if you don’t know much about how the recipient prefers to grill, is to outfit them with grilling apparel and goodies. Some ideas:

  • Every grill master needs heat resistant gloves to keep their fingers safe while working with the grill. KAB’s heat resistant gloves are safe for up to 932 degrees F (for quick use), and they’re flexible enough to handle food and tools while still staying safe.
  • Give a leather BBQ apron that will keep their clothes (and skin) away from burns, ashes, and debris. You can find a lot of available options on Etsy and the Ceramic Grill Store.
  • Throw in a bottle opener that they can keep with their grill gear, so that a good brew is always on-hand. Beer and BBQ are the perfect pair, aren’t they?
  • Grilling cookbooks are always “hot.” Sure, they can always Google recipes, but cookbooks are a grate (pun intended) way to get inspiration, explore new avenues of food, try out new flavors, and see some mouthwatering pictures that get the creative steak juices flowing.
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6. Sprinkle in Some Seasonings and Sauces.

Every grilling gift basket needs some new seasonings, rubs, and sauces to complete the set. Grillers get so excited to open up a basket and see some fresh, scrumptious goodies they can try out. It’s like opening a bag of flavor adventure!

This is also the most fun part of the basket for you to put together because you can get as wacky and creative as you like. For example, you can find seasonings at local butchers or boutiques that are made by small businesses, or you can even make your own rub to give them! To get started, check out our Sweet Mama seasonings, which are always a fan favorite. For sauces, we’re huge fans of Rufus Teague sauces because they’re healthy and full of flavor. Lane’s BBQ is also an incredible shop with some of the most flavorful rubs and sauces we’ve ever tried! (They even offer dessert rubs, which is an all-time fave for our family.) Don’t be afraid to have fun with different tastes and flavors.

7. Tie the Grilling Gift Basket with Cellophane and Ribbon.

You’ve got all the best grilling gifts that they are sure to love. Now it’s time to put it all together. Unless you want your grilling gift basket to be a total surprise, we like to use clear cellophane wrapped around the basket and tie it together at the top with a holiday ribbon. This lets the excitement build when they see the basket, but they still have to unwrap it to find all the goodies inside.

Another fun option is to use butcher paper to conceal the goodies. Even though it’s obviously a gift basket, this adds a layer of grill-themed intrigue. Plus, they can reuse the butcher paper for their cooking!

8. Present Your Basket to the Grill Master!

We’re all about friends and family here at Kick Ash Basket. Giving a grilling gift basket is sure to please all the grillers on your list, and they’ll be so excited to try out their new gear and cook for their loved ones. So really, it’s a gift that gives back. We love the holidays just as much as we love grilling because both are about bringing people together over food, fun, and festivities.

For more gift basket add-ons, check out our Kick Ash Basket gift cards.
Happy holidays to you and yours. Now, go kick some ash with your awesome grilling gift ideas this season!