Primo Oval (XL 400) Gasket
Primo Oval (XL 400) Gasket
Primo Oval (XL 400) Gasket

High-Que Gasket - Primo Oval (X Large 400)

Part Number: HWNXPRXL
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Made in the USA. This Primo Oval (XL 400) replacement gasket is thicker and softer than High-Que’s previous gasket strip. Fills in gaps easily and fits snugly; user-friendly adhesive application for your ceramic grill.

Installing your new Primo Oval gasket with high-quality Nomex and Kevlar is easy due to the adhesive gasket material. Designed to fit Primo Oval Extra Large 400 grills, this gasket fits ceramic smokers and grills (base and lid) up to 28" x 21.5" oval or 26" outside diameter with 3/4" rim and original 1/8" thick felt gasket strip. 14.5’ long.


  • Gasket replacement
  • Durable fireproof material                                      
  • Custom-sized for Primo Oval (XL 400)
  • Fits grills up to:
    • 26 inches outside diameter
    • 3/4 inch rim
    • 1/8 inch thick
  • 14.5 feet long
  • Bonus chimney seal

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