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7 Tips for Cooking Success

Sometimes there are items out in the marketplace that receive so much hype and can't deliver on the word-of-mouth that's pushed them forward.

Then there are times, such as with the Big Green Egg Grill, where the hype doesn't do it enough justice! 

Seriously, what's better than having any savory meat that you purchase grilled and smoked to perfection? Nothing!

The Big Green Egg charcoal grill will revolutionize the way you grill and have your family and friends begging for a cookout every Sunday for the big game.

There are, however, some things you should note before starting it up for the first time.

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The History of the Kamado Grill

Americans have been cooking food over an open flame since before the Pilgrims arrived. But grilling, believe it or not, has an even-older history.

The practice of grilling began over 500,000 years ago after the domestication of fire. Grilling as we know it, however, began to gain popularity more in the 1940s and 50s thanks to backyard and camping barbecues.

This is where the Big Green Egg story begins; it starts with an idea in China that made cooking rice efficient, and then transformed into what we now know as the Kamado grill.

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Kick Ash Tailgating

It’s time to kick off your tailgate party and you’ve got everything you need for the ultimate tailgating experience: a portable charcoal grill, ingredients for your famous kabobs, a well-stocked cooler, spirit wear, collapsible chairs, some tunes, and a fun group of friends. But have you figured out the easiest way to empty the hot used charcoal out of your grill before the big game starts? What about cooling the charcoal and the grill before you head home?

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